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News Blog

Art Exhibition "Pursuit of Existence" by Ishrat Jahan

The Bangladesh Heritage Museum in cooperation with the Bangladesh PressClub Centre of Alberta (BPCA) is organizing an art exhibition by local artist Ishrat Jahan. The organizations are currently looking into different options for the location of the exhibition. After that event it is planned to move the exhibition to different venues in Edmonton and surroundings over the next three months.

The exhibition features nine recent original artworks of Ishrat Jahan, who was born on March 25, 1987 in Comilla, Bangladesh and came to Canada in 2005. Ishrat graduated at the University of Winnipeg in the field of Social Sciences. During this time in January 4, 2012 Ishrat lost her elder brother Mahinur Jahid to a tragic car accident in Lloydminister. Recently Ishrat finished studies at the Social Work Department of McEwan University, and is continuing to follow her passion in the field of child- and youth care at Alta Care Resources.

Ishrat is dedicated to inspire our young generation with her paintings to express dedication and devotion through art. Her paintings express her pursuit with our environment on earth, featuring seasons, love, and change. These fundamental topics express the diversity of our existence. The exhibit in 2015 is Ishrats' second major event as an artist. Back in 2002 she had a display in Pontevedra, Spain in Europe together with her sister Elma.

The Board of Bangladesh Heritage Museum (BBHM), and the Bangladesh PressClub Centre of Alberta (BPCA) have selected this exhibits to launch a community heritage museum project, with which the Bangladesh community wants to provide an experience of the Bangladesh heritage, culture and history.

Local artist Ishrat Jahan

Local artist Ishrat Jahan

Ishrat Jahan explains the motivation behind her art:

I am dedicated to inspire our young generation with my paintings to express feelings of anger, joy, sadness, loneliness and love. Personally and professionally, I believe art to be an effective method of expression that speaks louder than words. It helps me to self-reflect and face challenges of my own life and reach acceptance. I am fascinated to see people interpret my art by accessing their own stories and experiences in live.
Ishrat Jahan, Local Artist

List of Exhibits

  • "reaching high", acrylic painting on canvas, 30"x24", ©2015 by Ishrat Jahan
  • "spring", acrylic painting on canvas, 12"x24", ©2015 by Ishrat Jahan
  • "windy life", acrylic painting on canvas, 28"x22", ©2015 by Ishrat Jahan
  • "beauty of the depressive season", water colour on canvas, 20"x16", ©2015 by Ishrat Jahan
  • "growth", water colour on canvas, 16"x20", ©2015 by Ishrat Jahan
  • "words matter", water colour, oil and objects on canvas, 12"x18", ©2015 by Ishrat Jahan
  • "changing environments", acrylic painting on canvas, 12"x24" / 20"x16" / 12"x24", ©2015 by Ishrat Jahan

'changing environments' by Ishrat Jahan

"changing environments" by Ishrat Jahan


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