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Board of Trustees

The underlying organization of the Bangladesh Heritage Museum, the Board of Bangladesh Heritage Museum (BBHM) was founded on September 17, 2015 by the following people:

Meet the Founding Members

Delwar Jahid, President of BBHM

Delwar Jahid

Delwar Jahid


Delwar Jahid has a deep passion for the preservation of heritage, which was inspired by his father Khalique who involved him into cultural activities from early childhood on. Delwar studied sociology, economics, and political science as major field of study, experienced the Bangladesh liberation war and later gave history lessons in Bangladesh.

Ahsan Ullah, Vice-President of BBHM

Ahsan Ullah

Ahsan Ullah


Ahsan Ullah was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and came to Canada in 2002. He is interested in the preservation and promotion of Bangladesh arts and culture. The hobby photograph known as an active promoter of sports and culture for two local organizations, BHESA and MJMF recently received the Ekushey Youth Awards for his involvement in sports and socio-cultural activities.

Nurul Huda, Secretary of BBHM

Nurul Huda

Nurul Huda


Nurul Huda was born in Brahmanbaria in Bangladesh, and arrived in Edmonton, Alberta in 2014. The son of a family serving law enforcing agencies in Bangladesh has a passion for Asian food culture, and is an active volunteer for different community organizations here in the local Bangladesh community.

Syfur Hasan, Curator of BBHM

Syfur Hasan

Syfur Hasan


Syfur Hasan was born in Comilla, Bangladesh, and came to Canada in 2005. The owner of the online news magazine Asian News and Views is actively involved in community activities and is also one of the editors of BHESA's magazine, the Edmonton Bichitra. Syfur is interested in Bangladesh folk music and history, and has a passion for coin and stamp collections.

Rayhana Rasmin, Treasurer of BBHM

Rayhana Rasmin

Rayhana Rasmin


Rayhana Rasmin was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and came to the City of Edmonton in 2010. Currently working on a degree in BA (Business Administration), Rayhana has studied English literature and shows a passion for language and communication. She is also interested in Bangladesh fashion and the lifestyle of eastern cultures.