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Current Art of Bangladesh Descent

The Bangladesh Heritage Museum is looking for artists here in Alberta, who are of Bangladesh descent and would like to use us as a platform to bring their art to a local, and a wider audience.

What are we seeking for?

  • Art for exhibitions
  • Artists for local events
  • Art in form of digital media

Every three months we are defining a topic, which will become the theme for the quarter. We will dedicate an exhibition space online, and craft events around the topic depending on the nature of the theme. A topic can be explored through the work of one or of many artists at the same time. During the quarter we will organize exhibitions all over the city, and invite the artist(s) to events. We also are looking for all kinds of performances on public events, be it e.g. music, dance, or minor arts.

We cannot think of any limit in the nature of the art, nor the topics we might explore. We simply want to feature current Bangladesh Canadian heritage with this project.

Please reach out to us, no matter at what point of personal development you stand. We are eager to get to know you and to support our local talent. Let us know what you do and a little bit about yourself. Please reach out to us or send us a message today.


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